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The Andorran Mountain Guides and Leaders Association (Associació de Guies i Acompanyants de Muntanya d´Andorra (A.G.A.M.A)), was created in 1997. It was set up with the collaboration of the Ministery for Education, Youth and Sport in the Government of Andorra and through the Sports and Mountain Professions Training College, E.F.P.E.M (Escola de Formació de Professions Esportives i de Muntanya).


In 1998 a platform for the European Commission of Mountain Leaders (Comissió Europea dels Acompanyadors de Muntanya - C.E.A.M) was created, started by the French together with the National Mountain Leaders Syndicate (Sindicat Nacional dels Acompanyadors de Muntanya - S.N.A.M). Andorra was a founding member of this organisation through the Andorran Mountain Guides and Leaders Association – AGAMA with the participation of Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain and Spain.


In 1999, A.G.A.M.A together with EFPEM, and with the collaboration of S.N.A.M and the French Speleology Federation - F.F.S (Fédération Française de Spéologie), set up the first training course to regulate the professionals in the country in the area of canyoning.


In 2002, the French Ministry for Youth and Sport (Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports) officially recognized the training course carried out in Andorra which on completion is awarded with an Andorran Government State diploma.  This recognition enables Andorran qualified professionals to work in France under the same conditions as French diploma holders.


In 2003, an International Union of Mountain Leader Associations was created  (U.A.I.G.A.M), in a meeting which took place in November in Switzerland (Champéry) with the participation of Andorra (A.G.A.M.A), France (S.N.A.M), Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain and Spain.

An English name was chosen to unify the logos of all the countries: the Union of International  Mountain Leader Associations (U.I.M.L.A) 


The Leaders qualified in Andorra are able to carry out various outdoor activities, depending always on the offer and demand.


Thus, the activities that are presently most in demand and therefore offered by the locally qualified Leaders are:

            - Walks

            - Snowshoeing

            - Canyoning

            - Via ferratas

            - Climbing

            - Adventure circuits or tree-top acrobatic parks.


A.G.A.M.A has been created with the idea of promoting and gaining respect for the profession and image of Mountain

Leaders in our country.  The aim is to be able to guarantee the existence of good professionals who fulfill the tourism needs within the Andorran mountain environment under conditions of maximum security.


At present there are over 60 professionals in the country of which around 30 work at their profession on a regular basis, both for private and public entities.

The profession of mountain leader is constantly evolving and can offer interesting and lasting contributions towards diversifying tourism proposals.


The tourist sector has to adapt to continually evolving demands.  The landscape and natural, historical and cultural heritage of our valleys always need to be taken into account and considered as an integral aspect of our country.


The aims of A.G.A.M.A are to enable new capacities to be valued, to develop the mountain guide and leader professions and to contribute to diversifying tourism proposals.






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